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Better Accuracy, Longer Life and More Flexibility

Some farmers still like their mechanical finger meters, however, many others are switching to vacuum meters for a variety of reasons.

  • Plant more varieties of seeds with only a simple disk change
  • Plant a greater variety of seed shapes and sizes
  • Reduce wear and reduce maintenance costs
  • Plant at nearly any speed

Vset Meters offer the highest possible accuracy while still featuring a simple, low maintenance design.

vset singulator

A spring loaded singulator eliminates doubles

Vsets feature a very low torque requirement which lowers wear and tear on drive systems

handles all seed sizes without adjustments


Vset releases seeds for the perfect drop into the seed tube

vset release


Crop kits available for all types of seed. With top of the line performance with each.


In addition to Vset, SpeedTube can increase planting speeds to 10MPH!

Vdrive is an electric drive option for Vset to offer individual-row control of starting and stopping, as well as population



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