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 Liquid Fertilizer Application Will Never Be The Same

VApply and VApplyHD

In the past, Liquid Fertilizer applications were difficult to manage.

  • poor monitoring
  • small application rate ranges
  • speed limitations
  • complicated systems

VapplyHD  will meter, and monitor liquid fertilizer applications better than ever before.

Eliminate unintended row by row variability, and add variable rate capability.

Vapply HD includes turn compensation to keep perfect application rates around corners, terraces, and curves.


Apply Liquid to both Seminal and Nodal Roots with FurrowJet!

FurrowJet Revolutionizes Liquid Starter Application

FurrowJet Revolutionizes Liquid Starter Application

Eliminate complicated, clunky 2×2 systems, with FurrowJet.

one rate of liquid is applied directly in-Furrow for use directly after germination.

another heavier rate can be applied 3/4″ to both sides of the seed. for use later on.

This will remove the risk of fertilizer burn, while still allowing for a high application rate.





FlowSense is a quick and easy addition to your planter to give monitoring ability to liquid application.

This information is then mapped on FieldView to see variabilities, as well as compare results.

Complete the chainless planter with Vdrive Insecticide!

More accurate, and more reliable. Unaffected by speed, Vdrive can compensate for all field conditions or curves

row by row control saves overlap and skips.

fully variable rates, and mappable in FieldView

vdrive insecticide