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vDrive™ for vSet™ delivers even more precise population with greater simplicity.

vDrive(tm) for vSet(tm)

vDrive(tm) for vSet(tm)

vDrive left vs traditional drives right

vDrive (top) vs. traditional drives (bottom)

Powered by 20/20 SeedSense®, the electric vDrive system brings single-row control to your vSet meters. It enables incredibly precise population control on curves, when your ground speed changes, and with all variable rate prescriptions

It’s incredibly simple too. A 12V electric motor controls each row individually. This one tool replaces the hex shaft, chains, sprockets, drive wheel/hydraulic motors, clutches and VR controller – and eliminates the maintenance they demand.

From the simple, accurate row shutoffs, you’ll get precisely planted headlands. From the new population algorithm, you’ll get high-definition population reporting. From the row-by-row target population control, you’ll get the ability to plant male and female seed corn plants in the same pass – without modifying seed disks.

Master your planting population while making it easy on yourself. Pair each vSet with a vDrive, and make the most of every seed in every foot of every field.

vDrive FieldView

FieldView vDrive

When planting on curves, vSet with vDrive maintains the prescribed population on each row. Conventional drive systems will plant too many seeds on the inside and too few on the outside.

vDrive beta trials are fully subscribed for the spring of 2013. It will be widely available in the spring of 2014. Ask your Precision Planting dealer to keep you informed of developments.

How vDrive™ works (so precisely)

vDrive schematic

vDrive schematic

  1. 20/20 SeedSense sends GPS and target population information to each single row module (SRM).
  2. The SRM draws on GPS, radar and gyro inputs.
  3. The SRM uses these to calculate accurate, row-specific velocity to the vDrive Module (VDM) in the motor assembly.
  4. The VDM uses an encoder and closed loop control to maintain accurate population for each row in each foot of the field.



It’s quick and easy. The vDrive system screws easily onto the vSet meter. Power is delivered from the tractor battery or optional alternator through a single harness that delivers power and CAN communication to the row.

What vDrive comes with:

Motor Assembly

12V DC electric motor, gearbox, motor speed sensor, vDrive Module (VDM) in a sealed housing

What you’ll need:

System 20/20 SeedSense
Meter vSet only
Planter John Deere, Kinze or CNH
Electrical 1.25A per row (2.75A per row if paired with DeltaForce)

vDrive™ Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is row-by-row population control important?
Individual row control gives you precise seeding control on curves for the best yield potential. It also ensures prescriptions are planted accurately – especially highly granular FieldScriptsSM.

2. Does vDrive replace 20/20 RowFlow™?
No, RowFlow will continue as a section-based variable rate seeding and swath control solution. vDrive is only for vSet meters.

3. What are the electrical requirements of vDrive?
vDrive requires 1.25A per row. If you’re also using DeltaForce on the same planter, the total load will be 2.75A/row. An alternator option is available.

4. How does the vDrive software work?
20/20 SeedSense is required to run vDrive. SeedSense sends GPS and target seeding information to the single-row module (SRM). The SRM uses GPS, radar and gyro inputs to calculate accurate, row-specific velocity, then sends a motor command to the vDrive module (VDM). The VDM (contained within the vDrive motor assembly) uses an encoder and 150m closed-loop control to maintain accurate population per row.

5. If I have a split planter, can I run vDrive only on my corn rows?
No, we do not support some rows with SRMs and others with RUMs. SRMs are required on all rows of a planter running vDrive.

6. Can I run RowFlow and vDrive on the same planter?
No, you cannot run both RowFlow and vDrive simultaneously.