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FieldView Plus

Make your data portable and secure with FieldView® Plus

Field View Plus Precision Planting

FieldView Plus is available anywhere

Now you can move the data you generate with 20/20 SeedSense® and FieldView from one iPad® to another. Take this wealth of information from the field to your office. Let consultants take a look at it. Share it with all those – and only those – who need to know or can help you move ahead.

FieldView Plus gives you access to maps and data wherever you are. It lets everyone in your operation see the same information, all the time, everywhere. And it provides automatic back-up of your data so it is safe, secure and easily accessible by you.

FieldView Plus lets you store and access your data in the cloud

FieldView Cloud Chart

FieldView Cloud Chart

FieldView Plus works in the PrecisionCloud – remote, secure data storage and access facilities – so it’s accessible anywhere on the web. This enables you – and those you designate – to review and analyze it anywhere.

FieldView Plus Dashboard Summary

FieldView Plus Dashboard Summary

It simplifies management.

Now you can see people, fields and pins on a map of your entire operation. And the FieldView website delivers key metrics and operation-wide reports by field, planter and hybrid. It makes it easy to compare, refine, improve – and make more.

It simplifies syncing.

Even if more than one person is working at the same time, everyone can have the information. FieldView Plus automatically syncs field pins (including notes and photos), client farm field lists and field map data so you know you have got the same information wherever you are.

FieldView Plus Data Manager

FieldView Plus Data Manager

It simplifies sharing.

With FieldView Plus, the cloud and the web make it easy for you to transfer and share files (FieldScriptsSM prescriptions and boundaries) to another iPad, your office or anywhere. It lets you effortlessly download 20/20 files to your desktop or share them with consultants, partners, landowners and others. This frees up time you would spend on USB file transfers for more productive pursuits.

It simplifies security & backup.

Back up all your 20/20 and FieldView data automatically and securely. Think of it as an ultra-safe vault for all your valuable data – to which you hold the key.

FieldView Plus offers Text message alerts when your planter goes over 5mph, or if singulation drops below a threshold. giving peace of mind that your operators are doing the best possible job.

More info on the FieldView Website