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360 SoilScan

Capture more yield potential with real-time nitrate readings.

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360 SoilScan provides in-field nitrate readings to help you provide the right amount of N to your crop.

soil test results are available in minutes vs. waiting for a lab

360 soilscan






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Sturdy Design for use in Pickups and ATV’s

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Easy to use iPad App interface

New pH Sensor Available for

Extra sensor slots give compatibility with additional sensors  in the future.

So, How does it work?

Step 1: Take soil samples. preferably in a few field zones

Step 2: measure two scoops of soil into a dixie cup with the included spoon.

Step 3: Place cup in mixing station. 360 SoilScan measures distilled water into cup, and mixes a slurry

Step 4: Move Cup to Sensor Station. and wait approximately 60 seconds for test results!

Corn N-Need Calculator

With these newly aquired test results, 360 Soilscan will give you an estimate of N need to reach a yield goal.

More info at 360 Yield Center Website