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Precision Planting

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What you can’t see can hurt you (and your operation!)

We are one of only a few nationally recognized Premier Precision Planting dealers.



Every year we use Precision Planting equipment in our own fields. We have intimate working knowledge of these products based on experience and our hundreds of hours of training. This is just part of the reason why Precision Planting has recognized us as Premier Dealer!

You probably think your planter is working effectively. The question to ask yourself is, “Am I really planting for 100% potential?” We can help answer that question for you.

Premium Ag Solutions DeltaForce Precision Planting

Discover the NEW Delta Force by Precision Planting

It’s obvious that poor planter performance affects the productivity of your acreage. It is absolutely critical that you plant your seeds at Precise Depth, Spacing, and Population.

Featured Product ~ Delta Force is key

Control down force better than everything else on the market today. DeltaForce™ monitors and adjusts every row individually and instantly. improving average corn yields by 8.7 bushels, and Sugarbeet Yields by 2 Tons.

Learn more about DeltaForce which is available for most John Deere, CaseIH, White, and Kinze planters.

Knowing vs. Wishing

Precision Planting provides the equipment and systems to assure you that your seeds are being planted accurately at the right population, spacing, and depth.

Knowing that you’ve planted for peak performance brings you peace of mind – more importantly, it increases your profits.

Contact us today so we can share our expertise with the Precision Planting family of products. Helping you achieve better planting efficiency is our goal.

Whatever your needs are, we can meet them. We’ve installed Precision Planting components on a variety of planters and know what works best for each situation from entry level to the planter of the future.

We work on all sizes of planters from 4 to 54+ rows. We can design, install, and maintain a system for your individual planting setup.

Every Farm Needs Precision Planting

Visit the Precision Planting corporate site

View the Precision Planting YouTube channel

20/20 SeedSense Monitor
– gives you a more in-depth description of your planter functions, and gives you the ability to diagnose planter problems right from the cab of your tractor at the instant the problem arises.




Visualize maps with FieldView

FieldView – Visualize Data in the field, and anywhere in the world with the power of your iPad.






20/20 RowFlow – ability to control row clutches for automatic shutoffs as well as execute prescription maps to impose a variable rate planting to better utilize your soil resources

20/20 Air-force – automatically adjusts down force pressure for changing field conditions, gives you the ability to see your down-force in an instant so you know that %100 ground contact is being maintained to maintain seed depth.

eSet – Improves seed spacing and singulation through an improvement to your existing John Deere Vacuum meter. A no-brainer for anyone running a John Deere Vacuum Planter

vSet – gives you the ability to convert your John Deere and Kinze finger planters into a vacuum planter using your existing seed boxes, also, paves the way for VDrive, an electric drive option for full individual row control.

Premium Ag Solutions vDrive vSet dealer Precision Planting

Discover vDrive for vSet at Premium Ag Solutions

vSet Select – Right hybrid, Right Acre. Multi-Hybrid Planting is Here!

Wave Vision  Bullseye seed tubes with wave vision technology for higher accuracy, and clarity of data

SpeedTube – Increase Efficiency by 50% with SpeedTube! Planting Speeds up to 10MPH

Keeton Seed Firmers – Provide the environment for uniform germination and emergence

Meter Max – Calibrates meters for maximum accuracy and diagnose problems in the shop during the winter months preventing problems in the field