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Future Products

360 Yield Center is constantly innovating new products to improve grower’s operations. Some give a better agronomic advantage, while others improve on the machinery we use.

360 CrossCut builds upon the 360 SoilScan platform.

In-Season soil Nitrate testing with SoilScan proved a valuable tool in 2015. However, an easier way to collect and prepare samples more quickly was needed.

Introducing 360 Crosscut, the solution for the challenges of Soilscan. Based on the design of a chainsaw, CrossCut collects and pulverizes a perfect sample quickly and easily.

Next, 360 YieldSaver gathering chains.


Hydraulic deck plates were an improvement, but otherwise, nothing has changed in header technology to save more kernels. Especially as corn moisture drops, head shelling increases up to considerable rates. Remember; 2 kernels per square foot equals 1 bushel per acre. 360YieldSaver softens the floor of the deck plates, and cradles each ear and kernel. Yield is saved in two ways:

  1. Preventing shelling
  2. Catching more kernels

Additional advantages include Quieter Operation, and no chains to lubricate.


Matt Foes, Regional Agronomy Manager for 360 Yield Center, writes more in this article.