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Down force with military precision

DeltaForce™ from Precision Planting is a revolutionary new system for controlling down force. Nothing on the market can do it better.

In every foot on every pass, in every row, it monitors row unit weight and ground contact, then it instantly and automatically adjusts to maintain the depth that you set. During a four year study, managing down force improved yield on average by 8.7 bushels.

It’s an elegant solution that simply improves yields.

DeltaForce is available for most John Deere, CaseIH and Kinze planters.

Premium Ag Solutions DeltaForce Precision Planting

Discover the NEW Delta Force by Precision Planting

DeltaForce works hand in hand with 20/20 SeedSense® by replacing the springs or air bags on your planter. Hydraulic cylinders and weigh pins send data to SeedSense which, controls the cylinders – and your down force. With the addition of FieldView® you can see high-resolution maps of down force, applied down force and ground contact on your iPad®.

Weigh Pins in every row communicate with 20/20 Seedsense 200 times per second, and DeltaForce adjusts 5 times per second for near instantaneous response.

DeltaForce can also lift on planter row units if more than enough downforce is provided by the weight of the row unit. in this case, compaction is avoided and seeds have best opportunity for maximum root development.

DeltaForce 1C

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