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Custom Work

535-side-tile-plow-620wHere at Premium Ag Solutions we not only sell and service high quality value adding equipment we also get out in the field and help customers with an array of different services to help improve the bottom line and get things done as efficiently as possible.

Tillage, Planting, and Spraying

We have new and up to date technology on all of our equipment to better serve you and your operations needs. We are able to take your farming operation and do it from start to finish with multiple tillage practices along with different planter sizes and also multiple sprayer widths to accommodate your row spacing.


On some of those challenging years we have you covered with all your harvesting needs. We run the latest in John Deere technology to keep the highest efficiency as well as provide the grower with data such as yield and moisture maps.


We have the ability to fall apply fertilizer either in a band with a 45’ deep bander or broadcast the blend to your liking. We can also spring or fall apply with a Soil Warrior in a zone till situation to minimize tillage and maximize fertilizer utilization.

We are eagerly looking forward to the 2015 growing season, and the new 360 Y-Drop system!

Not quite ready to pull the trigger on a Y-Drop system? We will be offering custom applications so that you can give it a try on your farm.

We have discounts available for buying a system after receiving a custom application.

More discounts are available for early sign-ups. So contact us today.


Tiling and Drainage

We can take care of all your water problems whether you want to touch up your surface drainage and existing waterways or if you would like to move into new practices and add a pattern tile to your farm. We run the latest technology in dirt handling and tiling to keep things as near to perfect as possible. From drawing a plan to a finished tile project we can take care of all of your needs.