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Climate Corporation Premium Ag SolutionSuccessful farming decisions are made with the most accurate data.

Premium Ag Solutions can help your integrate either the Fieldview Prime, Fieldview Plus, or Fieldview Pro data management system into your farming operation. We use the Climate products in our operation and can serve as your Climate agent.

What is it?

The Climate Corporation is a relatively new company that provides hyper-local weather monitoring, agronomic data modeling, and high-resolution weather simulations to help farmers improve their profits.

Below is a sampling of what Climate can do for your farm operation:

  • Receive weather, soil and crop data at a field level
  • Improve your production decisions
  • View field and weather information as it happens
  • Pinpoint each field’s precipitation, humidity, wind speed, radar, field workability and growth stage
  • Track crop growth stages and easily log scouting activities
  • Save time with accurate planning of planting, tillage, spraying and harvest
  • Receive alerts via text or email so that you never miss a beat
  • View anytime on your smartphone or tablet
Screenshot (3)

FieldView Drive streams machine data to FieldView on iPad

Climate FieldView Plus adds Data Visualization through FieldView Drive

Stream Tillage, Planting, Spraying, and Harvest Operations to FieldView, without needing a 20/20 SeedSense monitor.








FieldView Pro will add features including:

  • Nitrogen Advisor
    • Uses variables to predict remaining N in the soil, and if crop will be deficient and needing another application.
      • Soil typeScreenshot (1)
      • Fertilizer applications
      • Weather
      • Crop history
      • Tillage


  • Field Health Advisor based on satellite imagery can show variability in the field
    • Showing pest pressures
    • Water stress
    • Nutrient deficiency
    • Varietal differences
  • Scouting map can help you focus your scouting efforts where the need is greatest.
  • New imagery delivered approximately every two weeks through growing season
  • Maps are fully accessible from phone, tablet, or PC.



  • Script Creator for Variable Rate Maps
    • Soils maps are already in Climate! varieties and populations can be assigned by soil type, or custom zones Screenshot (2)

Prescriptions can be downloaded, or automatically sent to FieldView Cab app for use.

Convenient way to take advantage of Variable Rate Technology on your planter. Test



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