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360 ChainRoll

Coming Soon: 360 ChainRoll

Create Chains, not Confetti;

360 Yield Center is constantly working to improve its products, and invent new products. One of which new products coming soon is 360 ChainRoll. a new design of chopping corn head feed rolls.


Chopping corn heads make residue much easier for soil microbes to break down. However, there is a flaw in all designs until now. The “confetti” created by traditional chopping heads has been too light, blowing away too easily. And the small pieces can be missed by row cleaners, causing residue to be stomped into the seed trench. This can spread disease or other pests to the new corn plant.










360 ChainRoll bridges the gap between traditional corn heads, and chopping heads. It produces a piece of stalk approximately 1 foot long with incomplete slices all along the length. This product is easy for row cleaners to eliminate. Yet also easy for microbes to enter and break down.