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360 Y-Drop


Extend your application window


360 Y-Drop gives you the ability to apply N When and Where it is needed.



growth stage graph

Corn uses 75% of its N after V10 stage. Late season N applications have been difficult until now.

Early season rains can leach N. =WASTE


Introducing 360 Y-Drop











Nitrogen is placed right at the base of the corn plant. giving ultimate efficiency, and uptake of N

ydrop root

corn funnel

Corn has a natural funneling effect to rain. Because of this, a minor rain event will incorporate fertilizer into roots.

Traditional side dress methods depend on a much greater rain event to incorporate nutrients to root zone.

360 Y-Drop is compatible with all kinds of sprayers

a much larger application window than with old methods

tall cornshort corn






360 Y-Drop adds versatility and turns your two season machine into a three season machine.

Easy removal to perform traditional spraying. 1 Pin and 1 twist nozzle.

We offer custom Y-Drop applications for those who want to try it out. More info Here

More info on 360 Yield Center Website