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360 Equi-Flow

Make The Most Of Your Ammonia Investment

Anhydrous Ammonia is a cost effective fertility option. Accurate application has been a challenge.

Streaking, caused by uneven application is commonplace with traditional Anhydrous equipment.

Yield is lost every time a plant finds itself in one of these streaks of underapplication.

360 Equi-Flow separates gas from liquid, and equalizes flow to each outlet.

Every Row, Shank, or emitter applies equally, Placing N precisely where it is needed.EQUI-FLOW-0003_675x425







Stop relying on tank pressure to set your rate. A centrifugal pump keeps constant, consistent pressure of 100% Liquid Anhydrous Ammonia. No bubbles.


Finally, the warm knife tube isolates Anhydrous Ammonia from steel parts. Thus avoiding frosting, or clumping of Soil.

  • Increasing Efficiency
  • Decreasing Downtime
  • Lessening Power/Fuel Consumption
  • Helps Re-Seal Soil Surface

More info on the 360 Yield Center Website