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Yieldsense for ultimate yield mapping performance

Yieldsense is the most accurate yield monitoring solution for your combine.

Fieldview increases convenience and usability of Yield maps

Yield Sense YieldSense from Premium Ag Solutions

Precision Planting Yield Sense system from Premium Ag Solutions

Field view in cab

Field view in cab

ATI Combine Tracks

combine-8Increase flotation, decrease compaction. and maximize uptime with ATI Combine tracks


Nitrogen Placement Matters

Whats the difference between sidedressing, and Y-DroppingScreenshot_2015-06-16-12-04-39

Sidedress coulters place N at center of row, where rain, and time are required to incorporate to roots

Y-Drop places N at base of plant, precisely where it is needed.

New 360 Y-Drop for late season N

all new, 360 Y-Drop from 360 Yield Center revolutionizes sidedressing N. Gain a wider application window, and place N right where it is needed. Y-DROP5_675x425tall corn


Premium Ag Solutions is here to increase the efficiency and profitability of your farming operation. Bottom line: Your success is our goal.

Premium Ag Solutions is run by farmers. Everyday we plant, drive and use everything that you see on these web pages. We only sell what we use ourselves – whether it be track conversions, precision planting systems, insurance or seed.

After the sale, we are committed to your satisfaction and work to keep your business with our exceptional service. Read the testimonials of some of our satisfied customers as their kind words speak volumes.

We invite you to explore these pages and learn about the various products and services we carry. Then, either contact or visit us so we can introduce ourselves.

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